Monday, June 27, 2011

Pincushion stitching finished...

Today the pincushion is now finished and I'll start on the needlebook next. This was a lot of fun because of course I had to change it up  and add lots of sparkle that wasn't there before. I used DMC and Anchor Satin thread for the waterlilies as well as the dragonfly wings. In the waterlilies I used two strands of the Satin, and in the wings I used one along with #4 braid in pearl which has an iridescent look to it. It didn't translate to the photos well but it is there. I also added some 093 Kreinik blending filament to the outline of the wings and used a more purple instead of pink (not a fan of pink). I think it came out pretty good. The body of the dragonfly is outlined in #4 braid 339 which matches the dark turquoise pretty well.

This second one shows the satin texture of the thread a little better.  The pattern called for white and cream which kept reminding me of a satin wedding gown. The individual stitches are sort of plump, cushiony and oh so shiny!

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Anonymous said...

These stitcheries are so beautiful!
Enjoy working on them!