Saturday, September 4, 2010

OOh heading into fall...

I haven't posted in a long time but I swear I have a great reason! My fiancĂ© is finally returned from Australia and we're super busy. I swore to him I didn't have a Honey Do list but he's been keeping himself occupied by reorganizing the garage, hooking up the washer and dryer and generally being a super hero to me. We've also been hitting the garage sales and flea markets hard too and I found some beautiful old embroidered linens. One is a lovely old table cloth embroidered with an adorable house and flowers. I plan on posting pics of it soon and possibly a pattern as well. In the mean time here is a crafty tip that I like.

I keep all my embroidery supplies in a clear vinyl make up bag. Sounds easy enough I know but I have kitties and so it keeps the cat hair out, dust out and I can throw it in my bag or backpack when I leave the house. I keep thread lists, threads, samples of threads I need more of, needles, scissors, transfer pens and pencils, and a tiny dmc checklist in it. For me it makes it easier to take projects with me at any time, or remember what threads or projects bits and pieces I need to pick up while I'm out and about.