Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally some progress!

Well I think I'm in the homestretch now with March Cottage. This cold really knocked me for a loop and had me so sick. I still have a bit of a cough but it's getting less. This cottage feels like it's take twice as long as February just because I tried to stitch while I was sick and ended up frogging a few times to fix mistakes.  Hopefully I'll get it finished here in the next week or so. I can't wait to get April Cottage, it is so dang cute and I love the clouds. They just make it pop.
I had a nice outing with my best friend to a few craft stores although I only ended up getting a couple of fat quarters of fabric. We are planning for another Shop Hop at end of April thru the beginning of May for the middle of Oregon. We're going to go through our craft stashes and find things to sell to fund our trip. Hopefully we can get enough for gas and I have a ton of cross stitch kits and charts that I need to put up and sell. I'm thinking of putting up an Etsy shop or just going to directly to Ebay.
It's funny how tastes change over time and things that you dearly loved a few years ago now aren't your favorite or you've moved on to different designs. I used to buy tons of Gold Petite Mini's from Dimensions, I have gobs of them and although did stitch a few I have WAY too many so hopefully those will go to new homes. I remember when I was younger not being all that keen on samplers or on more antique style stitching. Now I LOVE them and find them so adorable.
Oh and while I was out with my friend we stopped at my LNS Middleford Alley Yarn and I found they had a few My Big Toe designs fobs and marking pins. I picked up a gorgeous Mini fob in purples with a butterfly charm. I also got a set of blue marking pins as well. I'll post pics of these soon. I emailed My Big Toe about a matching set of accessories and they are happy to put them together for you through your LNS. Next month I'll go and order up my set which I am just obsessed with. I've just discovered embroidery scissors and only had my simple little pair with a cracked handle. I now have a couple of pairs of titanium scissors (love the colors) and want fobs for those. If it's sparkly and colorful I'm all over Always good to have something to look forward to after this nasty cold. Spring is on it's way I hope!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Down for the count

I am seriously down with a bad cold which either my husband gave me or I gave him because we both have it. Coughing, sneezing, fever the whole bit. So no progress to be had on my March Cottage sadly. Despite our illnesses I did recieve a lovely bouquet of flowers from my husband and in the mail (from myself.hehe) I recieved my bundle of Valdani stash. I found it for an amazing price online and it's SO yummy.
Sorry if the photo is a bit dark it's a dark and dreary day here in Southern Oregon. Our unseasonably warm spell came to an end with about half an inch of snow that melted away. We now have dark grey skies and rain in the forecast. I am off to make a pot of tea for the sick hubby and me. Happy Valentines and I hope to be back in the pink soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

March Cottage progress

Here is a bit more progress made on March Cottage. I really like how the green's are turning out. I speculated on changing the peach to purple, but seeing April Cottage and the use of purple in it I can stick with the peach.

I'm hoping to start on the borders soon and get the windows finished. The Weeks Dye Works Pecan that came with the chart from ABC Therapy didn't have as much color variation in it, so I used another skien I had of it with more color changes. I like how the roof came out. Those little sheep are just adorable! My neice who is 3 loves Shaun the Sheep and couldn't help humming the theme as I stitched them

Friday, February 3, 2012

March Cottage start..

I received March Cottage in the mail on Monday and got to start on it yesterday. My husband and I got a couple of days to go and have a little getaway and while we were away I visited a lovely cross stitch store in Grants Pass, Oregon. Unique Lee Yours is a wonderful shop with a terrific owner. We got to speak for a while as I got to look around the store. I of course had to buy some threads to add to my stash while I was there. I'll post pics of them soon. The store website is here if anyone would like to stop by .

I wish I could say I was further along on March Cottage but I've been watching too much of Downton Abbey. I watched the first season on Netflix and now I'm watching the second on Hard to keep your mind on your stitching when you're glued to this beautiful show.