Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Took Me Long Enough..

Best laid plans I tell you! I started out with the best of intentions to jump into my Frosty Forest SAL but with delays and more delays, fabric changes and eventual apathy setting in, I didn't get much done. I did make a start but nothing impressive. What did kick in was two things the Just Nan SAL which is my next new start. I will be posting that one as soon as it arrives in the mail and that one should keep me in monthly Nan posts the rest of the year. My other jag is finishing UFOs. So far I finished a bookmark and now a needlebook, scissor keep and pincushion. I started this in 2011 but now they are all finally stitched up.

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Not So Tiny Obsession with..

Multicolor threads..I can't seem to stop collecting any multicolored threads of decent quality I find. DMC Variations, variegated, Cosmos Seasons, you name it. Here is part of my ever growing stash (that I do use, usually in place of traditional overdyes to brighten up projects). I posted a while back on some of my favorite dyers who create small batch one of kind multicolors, mostly on Etsy. You can find that post in my archives if you are interested. hand dyed thread sources