Monday, April 30, 2012

May Cottage Finish!

This one was a blast to do I had so much fun. I loved the little details like the bees and the bee hive. I added satin stitches to the bee hive, and blending filaments to the bees wings to make them sparkle. Other than a few tiny changes this one is pretty much as charted. I can't wait to get June, it's on it's way in the mail this week. Hopefully I can get started on it by Friday.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some May Cottage progress

Well I made some progress but not going at my usual pace for sure. I have been on a "making fobs" kick and have 12 made so far, 14 if you count the two I am keeping for myself! They are fun to make and I love mixing and matching for different color combinations.
I am not sure where I will end up selling these..either online or possibly at a couple of my local needle shops if they are interested.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

May Cottage floss toss and pretties..

First let me apologize for the not so great pictures, I went to use my good camera and the battery was flat. I have that charging now and hopefully will replace these pics tomorrow with some if the sun comes out. I put together my floss toss for the May Cottage and with NO SUBSTITUTIONS..can you believe it? The only changes I'll make on this one is flipping the clouds again and adding some Rainbow Gallery blending thread to the wings of the bees. It's the same thread I used in January Cottage's snowflakes.

What I'm really excited about is my new scissor fobs I've made. Over the last few months I've slowly gathered up some beads in peacock colors to match my scissors. Today I got them together..

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring, Easter and May is here...

At least May Cottage arrived today along with a bunch of goodies I snagged online. I will post my May floss toss tomorrow along with a few pics of a side project that I've been gathering supplies for. Stay tuned for eye candy and till then here are some spring flowers blooming in our tiny "yardlet"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Best Friends are Awesome!

My best friend is also an avid crafter only she has mad skills on the sewing machine. She whips up the coolest stuff both in whole quilts or smaller projects she finds to do. This weekend she made the coolest scissor keeps and made one for me too.
To thank her for making me such a nifty thing, I thought I'd put something together for her that would go on her new embroidery scissors (see above) that she recently got from her husband for her birthday. I put together this celestial themed scissor fob to go with the scissor keep she made. (Notice the little matching needle book too, so so awesome. I am very lucky to have such cool friend, I just had to share...