Tuesday, April 10, 2012

May Cottage floss toss and pretties..

First let me apologize for the not so great pictures, I went to use my good camera and the battery was flat. I have that charging now and hopefully will replace these pics tomorrow with some if the sun comes out. I put together my floss toss for the May Cottage and with NO SUBSTITUTIONS..can you believe it? The only changes I'll make on this one is flipping the clouds again and adding some Rainbow Gallery blending thread to the wings of the bees. It's the same thread I used in January Cottage's snowflakes.

What I'm really excited about is my new scissor fobs I've made. Over the last few months I've slowly gathered up some beads in peacock colors to match my scissors. Today I got them together..


Shebafudge said...

Oh they are so pretty. Congratulations!

Veronica said...

Love your floss toss for your May Cottage. I think the blending thread would look great. Beautiful scissors fob.