Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Progress and oh stitching bug...

I have to say I've been missing my stitching bug lately. I can say it's two things, one Chefville on Facebook (I know bad fullnovembermoon!) and the other I'm sad to say is I'm bummed out. Our local needleshop has decided to close it's cross stitch room and focus solely on crochet and knitting.
I love this shop but as I don't knit or crochet it feels like a big loss to me. I loved spending time in their cross stitch room searching patterns and comparing one hand dyed thread to another. As they were closing out the room they did have a large sale of all their cross stitch merchandise and I went just a wee bit crazy. Or a

I have made some progress on the September Cottage but I should be finished by now and have October started. I just sort of had the wind taken out of me as I love going and picking out just the right shade of thread and now the nearest shop for that is an hour away. I can order online of course but it just isn't half as fun as talking to the ladies at the shop. I wish I had the least bit of talent in knitting or crochet after multiple attempts at both I just don't have it. I'm lucky though a good friend is a crochet artist and she's making me a few things for fall so I'll post those when they are done. Till then I'll go about searching for my stitching bug, organize my new stash and keep you all updated!