Saturday, June 30, 2012

July Cottage Progress and what I've been up to.

Here is my latest July Cottage progress, which isn't much sadly but I do have a good excuse! I've just returned from visiting family in Pacific Grove, California on the Monterey Bay. PG as it's known is someplace I used to spend my summers as a teenager and I love it dearly. I got to stay with family and friends, telling stories, laughing and eating way too much good food. The weather was gorgeous and the ocean was bluer than I've ever seen it.

The Boom Wall and a friendly seagull.


Asilomar Beach
 My stitching bug is still here I just need to get back to my regular schedule of stitching, although I've been having fun lately with my watercolors again.

Monday, June 11, 2012

July Cottage Progress

Here is a little progress pic from July Cottage. I ended up going with the WDW Americana for the darker blue as the Crescent Colors Blue Beatrice just wasn't dark enough and didn't match the example. I think I'll end up using the Blue Beatrice on some of the flowers in the border to add some variety. I'm loving this as blue is my favorite color. I just saw on the Country Cottage Needleworks blog that the August Cottage has been posted. All I can say is SWOON! It's gorgeous. They keep getting better and better and I can't wait to spend the summer stitching away on these. How are your Cottages or other projects going?

Friday, June 8, 2012

July Cottage Floss Toss

July Cottage came in the mail this week minus one of the flosses which prompted a trip to my LNS to look for the Aged Pewter I needed to start. Lucky I did go as a lot of you know who work with hand dyed fibers know, sometimes they' The Blue Beatrice that came from the store I buy from online was nearly the same blue as the lighter Blue Betty. Thankfully my LNS had a different dye lot which was darker and looked more like the example photo. It's still not as dark as the one in the example on the pattern, so to be safe I got a skein of WDW in Americana. No other color changes in this one but I did add two Glissen Gloss Rainbow blending filaments to add sparkle to the fireworks. I'm usually not into Fourth of July as a cross stitching theme but I LOVE this. It's just so fun. I'm off to work on it now and power watch some United States of Tara. I love  instant watching and cross

To the winners of the giveaway, your packages went out a couple of days ago, so they're on their way!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Latest Project and we have winners!

latest project by fullnovembermoon
latest project, a photo by fullnovembermoon on Flickr.
Here is my "in-between" project I'm working on until my July Cottage gets here. I have more done under the q-snap cover and I think I can finish it before I start July.

Now for the fun part, we have winners! Using the Random Number Generator the first pull got 27 which is Densie2 for the Prize pack and our runner up (#35) is  Hely who will receive the additional q-snap cover. I will be contacting the winners later today to get their addresses and get these lovely prizes out in the mail next week. Thanks for everyone who participated, I didn't quite reach my goal of fifty comments/entrants so I'll save the book for ANOTHER Giveaway later this summer. I'm off now to pick up MY PRIZE..I'm so excited I participated in the Safari Shop Hop here in Oregon and both I and my best friend won a basket. Have a wonderful Saturday!