Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Big Thank You!

I entered for a giveaway from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler shop on her blog and was lucky enough to win 5 skiens of her wonderful hand dyed thread! Thank you so much Nancy, the threads are lovely! I chose these colors from her new 1840 line.

I am using Victorian Motto Sampler thread right now for my current project. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Just Nan SAL a little late and progress pics..

Ugh! 101 yesterday, today tomorrow and thru Wednesday here in Southern Oregon. I haven't been stitching as its been too hot to hold a frame in my lap. We have fires nearby in Ashland burning 11,000 acres so far. I am dreaming of fall and raining cold nights but its still a long ways off. Here are pics of how far I progressed...
Here I finished the top section and moved up the fabric. 

I finished the border detail here but I am a little worried I started too low on this fabric and may have to work some elements of the next section over one to get it to fit.
 Here be Monsters is coming along, I am loving the Victorian Motto threads as the colors are so rich.

Here be a monster! Or almost all of one, next will be the too border and lettering.

We had some thunderstorms last week roll through with dark clouds and not much rain.

A little funny relating to my summer movie marathon. I am working my way through my DVDs watching movies while staying cool in our bedroom. Its all of the Harry Potter movies, two a day til they are all watched..