Tuesday, February 7, 2012

March Cottage progress

Here is a bit more progress made on March Cottage. I really like how the green's are turning out. I speculated on changing the peach to purple, but seeing April Cottage and the use of purple in it I can stick with the peach.

I'm hoping to start on the borders soon and get the windows finished. The Weeks Dye Works Pecan that came with the chart from ABC Therapy didn't have as much color variation in it, so I used another skien I had of it with more color changes. I like how the roof came out. Those little sheep are just adorable! My neice who is 3 loves Shaun the Sheep and couldn't help humming the theme as I stitched them up..lol.


giddy99 said...

looking good! I'm well over 3, and I love Shaun the Sheep, too. ;)

Carin said...

Thats looking very good. I'm almost done with this cottage. Hope to finish it tomorrow.

Patches said...

Love it