Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finished Sunshine

Finished Sunshine today, with another few color changes. I used DMC Variations 4020 and 4240. I really love how they came out instead of the regular background. Since I changed the background colors I also had to change the color of the french knots around the sun. I went with the yellow and light yellow included with the kit that I didn't use for the background. I think it works. Here is the finished piece.

You can see the french knots a little better in this one. Now my next project is a UFO from a few years ago that I just love. No idea why I started and didn't finish. It should go fairly fast as it is a good bit of half cross stitches. It's called "What Lies Within Us". It's another Dimensions kit from a few years ago. The artist is Jody Bergsma.
So far I started the little bird at the bottom then left it for a few years, but now he's finally getting finished. Hopefully I'll be done with this one by the end of June or sooner.

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