Friday, July 29, 2011

What I've been up to...

As opposed to actually working on any one cross stitch (my bad) I've been working on organizing my massive, out of control thread mountain. I finally bit the bullet a while back and bought some Art Bin Super Slim Satchels to finally organize all my floss and get them numbered and on bobbins. Previously they were in giant zip lock backs tossed into a big storage bin and I had no idea what I had or how much. I got down the serious task of cataloguing what I had and making up lists (LOTS of lists) of what gaps were there. I use regular DMC, Light Effects, Variations in regular and perle and of course yummy hand dyed flosses from Valdani and other companies. Here is some of the progress so far.
All of my bobbins have been numbered and I've wound and wound more bobbins than I can count and I'm still not finished. I think I have done them all from Variegated up the start of the 900's continuously. As I went along I took the cardboard bobbins I had used previously and rewound the thread onto the new plastic bobbins. Hopefully by the end of summer I'll be completely organized and show you my nice neat row upon row of perfect bobbins (let's hope).

Aside from that I did make slight progress on the dragonflies despite not actually stitching more. I found a beautiful batik fabric which will be the backs of the scissor keep and pincushion and the inside fabric of the needle book. The instructions called for the felt included to be used but having cats and open felt just doesn't work. I also found some lovely thick felt to use for the inside pages of the needlebook in a deep blue green. Here are some pics...

I think they go perfectly together and I hope to get them all finished soon. My stitching ethic goes way down in hot weather and today it is 100, same tomorrow. Till then I can dream about my newest obsession and next project which I'll post more about is a hint.

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