Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best laid plans..

Well I guess my new start will have to remain a mystery a while longer, I don't have all the stash I need to get it started. I bought the wrong color beads for the new project and I need to head back to the cross stitch store to get the right color.

So of course not that I need start a new project besides the one I have going already and the one waiting in the wings, I just had to start another anyway. Here it is...
 It's a pattern from Ink Circles called Namaste. It's the seven chakra wheels of energy in the human body represented by wheels of colored light. The charts are beautiful representations and I can't wait to finish these and with the help of my best friend sew them into a wall hanging.

Here is what the example looks like:
and here is the page for the pattern:

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