Sunday, March 18, 2012

April Cottage Start and Floss Toss

Here is the original floss toss colors, which are nice but I didn't care for the browns. The striped roof was okay but I didn't care for it, as well as the dark purple for the shadow of the roofline. I decided to add more purples...

Ok here is the floss toss I'm going with. For the roof I'm using Weeks Cocoa which I had left over from the January Cottage. I am keeping the Amethyst and adding DMC 210 for the shadow of the house. I've added 208 for around the windows instead of the darker brown 420. For the "April" and possibly the flowers I'm using Weeks either Purple Majesty or Ultraviolet, haven't decided on that yet. I think it's a better blend of the purples. 

Here is a detail of the roof that I started yesterday. I did a row of cross stitch and a row of satin stitches at an angle. So now the roof is still "striped" but it's more subtle as I'm using one color and now it sort of looks like basket weave.

Here is my progress on Ink Circles Art Nouvea Love Letters as well. While waiting for the fabric for April to come I managed to get more done on this one. There was a bit of an issue with the Gentle Arts Peacock called for in the pattern as the ones available to me at my LNS were half very dark blue and half the actual peacock color it called for. Tracy Horner (the designer) on Facebook answered my question about it and  graciously suggested using Weeks Blue Topaz as a replacement as the dye lots for the Gentle Arts had changed quite a bit.


Anonymous said...


just found your lovely blog.

Your Cottages are looking great. I like your idea of changing some of the colours to reflect your own taste.
I will look forward to seeing the rest of them.

Happy stitching.

Minnie said...

I love the way you changed up the stitches on the roof it looks like two different colors and the colors in the Ink Circle are gorgeous.

Nancy M said...

I like your roof idea, I might have to steal that for mine!