Sunday, January 29, 2012

February Cottage Finish!

February is all done, at least in the stitching department. I need to actually start framing some of these soon. I'm a serial stitch finisher but then leave it to sit in a ziplock till it gets framed for way too long. Hopefully before I get March finished I'll have January and February in their final finishes. I must say I'm loving the DMC Variations I used for this. I've used lots of different vareigated thread in the past but these were just as good as the more expensive hand dyed fibers I'm used to using. I hear there are new colors coming out that I'll have to get. Anyway March should be here in the next week and I hope to get it underway soon.


natalyK said...

Beautiful finish!

Carin said...

I like your colorscheme so much that I also change mine into yours. Hope you don't mind ?
I also used special stitches on my january cottage and wanted it to do with the february cottage and saw that you also have done this. And its looking great !!!
I'm also going to do it with the march cottage, I think it gives something special to the finishing.
The colors of the march cottage I also going to change a bit because I don't like the colors she used.

Patches said...