Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have to say there are a lot of motifs that I just love, peacocks included. I saw this little gift card box made by a company called Punch Studio at our local bookstore. I saw it and of course having a peacock on it, said ok what can I use this for. It has a handy magnetic closure on it so it stays shut tight, and it fits my embroidery scissors plus whatever notions or needles I am using at the moment. I think it's pretty nifty...

Looking around the same store later I found this larger box that I now use to store my evenweave fabrics in. I think that is one of the things I love about needlework is that it sort of gives you an appreciation for lovely little things that maybe you'd miss.

While I was out with my husband during the holidays we went to a local antique store and they had some really neat old sewing supplies. I picked up this old packet of needles for embroidery and this great old paper needle book with plenty of needles still intact. They were as the cover said still rust proof after all these years.

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