Thursday, December 22, 2011

I must be crazy...

I haven't even had a chance to finish up the Baby Sampler yet and here I go signing up for SAL's all over the place! It's too fun not to so here I go, so far I've signed up for and gotten the auto stash for the Cottage of the Month SAL of Country Cottage Needleworks. They are too dang cute not to do and they look to stitch up fast. I'm saving mine to start in January and I'll do them the first week of the month (hopefully hehe).  I think I signed up for the Tusal 2012 but I have to check the list to see if I did. I've been a total scatterbrain lately. I also just asked to be signed up for the 2012 WIPocalypse as well. If I get on it I'll post the info for those who are interested. I have heard of the Crazy 15 as well and if I find that one I may as well get on there too. Oh let's not forget I am on the Ink Circles SAL as well, in addition to starting to large Joan Elliot pieces too. I'm nuts, just plain crazy but it's fun. I hope my fingers don't fall off..hehe.
WIPocalypse Information

Totally Useless Stitch A Long Info

Cottage of the Month SAL

If anyone knows the origin or webpage for the Crazy 15 Challenge I can't seem to find it. Now I'm off to put my list together and have a couple of Dove chocolates..

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Measi said...

Hi Elizabeth! Your name is added to the Wipocalypse for next year. Thanks again for joining!

The Crazy January group is via yahoo, located here:

There is also an unrelated Facebook one here:

I believe the first one is the original, however. :)