Friday, April 4, 2014

Just Nan SAL

The project didn't get a start yet as I had a very eventful weekend. I traveled to California down from Oregon (8 hrs) then got in a minor car wreck off Hwy 68 in Pacific Grove. Then I got a call the next day my husband was at the ER in Oregon and I had to rush back as he had a clot in his leg. My dear friend drove me up and I have spent every day since at the hospital. He got to come home today and with some time off to recover hopefully be alright but what a scare! Needless to say stitching was not my main priority but if I find a few minutes I will start Just Nan's Motif Mystique.


Annette-California said...

What a horrible day for you. You have got to be feeling exhausted and I hope you are feeling alright after your accident. Glad your DH got to go home. Hugs to you.
love Annette

Pull the other thread said...

Hope your hubby is well on the mend now and that everything has been sorted out.