Thursday, February 20, 2014

Look what I found!

Finally and after bidding on EBay at 4am I won this chart. Not saying how much I paid, between being half awake and not a wiz at math at that hour trying to figure out the conversion rate let's just say more than I should have lol. Ah well it will be stitched a few times as I plan on making a pin cushion and scissor case as well as the needle slide. It was so worth it, I gathered my stash immediately and set to stitching it..

   It is tiny!

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Annette-California said...

All the peacocks you've been stitching have been incredible. And when I saw this - your next project, Beautiful. Gezzz I love all the colors you've been stitching. Very inspirational and not to mention Gorgeous my dear! I looked for this chart and hard to find. Good for you and now whenever I see peacocks in designs I think of you:) Looking forward to seeing more of this project.
love Annette