Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just a wee bit obsessed lately

Welcome to my latest obsession! Well I loved working on my needle book so much I chose to start Just Nan's Peacock Alphabet. I got out all my peacock sewing things for my floss toss just because. Those colors honestly are what draws me to peacocks, they can be downright annoying in real life with their calls but either way I am loving this pattern. I need to take more pics as I am now finished with the cross stitches and back stitching and will be doing the beading this weekend. Just for kicks I threw in a pic of my desk which is also decked out with peacocks. Blue, green and purple are my colors especially blue, so if you love those I bet you too might like peacock colors. The Q-snap cover is from a favorite seller of mine on EBay, trulyin2stitching, I have posted a link to her before. She must think I am nuts because I have bought so many 8x8 covers but to me stitching is more fun if its "framed" right and different projects pop with different cover colors. I know I'm Finish photos to come!


Gillie said...

I love it! Such gorgeous things! Look forward to the progress.

Carin said...

What a beautiful design and I love to colors you are using !