Thursday, May 10, 2012

June Cottage floss toss

Here is the floss toss for June Cottage, which came in the mail last week. This took a lot of deliberating as I didn't care for the white color of the house. The green window frames and the red to me made it look more like Christmas. I decided to change the house colors almost totally. I'm happy with what I think it'll look like but it might be too drastic! I want to change the house to red with a black roof in addition to changing the window frames. I'll race through this one to get started on the July Cottage. It has just been posted on the Country Cottage Needleworks blog and that one is just adorable. I was really hoping that there would be fireworks and seeing the design I immediatly ordered some blending filaments to make them sparkle. I'm also excited because I'll soon have a giveaway to announce next week. Stay tuned for more on that!

Original colors of the floss toss, DMC 434, 436, 726, 3031, 3033, white, Sampler Baby Spinach and Cresent Colors Ladybug.

Colors I'm using, DMC 436, 726, white, 3371, Sampler Baby Spinach and Crescent Colors Ruby Slippers.

The top red is Ruby Slippers as compared to Ladybug, I much preferred the deeper red, Ladybug had too much pink. I chose 3371 because it was near black instead of 3031 which is more chocolate.

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